Los Angeles, CA - 14th June 2000

The House of Blues - 9.00 pm

I Hate My Frickin ISP
Couldn't I Just Tell You
Love Of The Common Man
# One Lowest Common Denominator
Love In Action
Fix Your Gaze
There Goes My Inspiration
Play This Game
Black And White
Yer Fast (And I Like It)
Todd Solo Spot
Temporary Insanity
Open My Eyes
The Ikon
Buffalo Grass
One World

Hammer In My Heart

World Wide Epiphany

Kasim Sulton in Los Angeles - 14th June 2000

The Televised Concert

A year to the day since Kasim last played a concert in Los Angeles with Todd and The House of Blues was packed! Like The Roxy where the concert last year was played HOB was on Sunset Boulevard, but was bigger. On the HOB phone message the show was advertised as starting at 8.00 but the doors didn't open until 8.10 and the support act Keno again (who are making me start to appreciate Cin-O-Matic!) came on at 8.50 after part of the ceiling had moved to reveal two extra bars!

There were television sets all around the venue that were showing the LA Lakers basketball game which went into extra time so the end score was announced during the intermission! When the band were on stage the television sets screened them!

The band came on at almost 10.00 and were standing there when some amazing patchwork curtains opened and they immediately went into the first song. Unfortunately the curtain on Kasim's side was reluctant to open fully so I couldn't see him at first! There was also some problem with the sound for the first couple of bars but they soon sorted that out.

Quite early on in the concert they played four Utopia tracks together which got the crowd going. Later, Trapped got a massive cheer too!

Kasim Sulton in Los Angeles - 14th June 2000 Kasim Sulton in Los Angeles - 14th June 2000

Tonight Todd did a massive plug for his new CD One Year Long and Patronet itself before they sang Yer Fast which went down well as usual!

The Ikon lasted quite a while tonight with Kasim even taking the spotlight for a longer time than normal! After seeing him on his last tour playing with Meat Loaf on the StoryTellers tour, this track really makes me appreciate how talented he is at playing the bass and how totally under-used he was with Meat! Trey seems to enjoy his time in the spotlight during that track too and I think it's great to see how both Todd and Kasim blend to the sides of the stage during that part to keep the emphasis on Trey! He can also throw those drumsticks up and catch them which always impresses me!

During Hammer in My Heart tonight Todd was using a new guitar for his tour but he didn't seem too pleased with it by his facial expressions! Maybe that was why they only played one song for the first encore which caught Kasim out as he was obviously expecting to play another one but Todd was heading off the stage!

Kasim Sulton in Los Angeles - 14th June 2000

Photos of Kasim Sulton singing "Trapped"