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Blog42 (01/13/03 - 02/02/03)
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Sunday 2nd February 2003
14.00 - For those who don't check the front page of the site regularly (and why not?!), there is some additional info there about Kasim's two radio interviews this week.
12.30 - Two more photos of Kasim Sulton have been added to the Cologne page of the Funkiland.de website. Click here to view the page but links to the individual Kasim photos are:
The original photo
Half of Kasim on stage (it was when he was facing Paul Crook in the set)
Outside the after show party
Many thanks to Jennifer Salyer for finding these photos.

Saturday 1st February 2003
19.00 - Click here to read the write up of the Cologne concert in a German newspaper that mentions Kasim Sulton.

Friday 31st January 2003
10.00 - Another auction on E-Bay for the 10 albums including Kasim ends on 02/04 - the opening bid is only $4.99.
09.45 - Two Kasim related auctions came to a close yesterday with the same person purchasing both Kasim for $7 after only one bid and Lights On for $10.50 after 8 bids. Two good bargains there!
05.45 - Kasim Sulton has made a post on the messageboard attached to KasimSulton.com. It is in response to a joking post by Doug Kennedy that Meat Loaf pays Doug and then Doug pays Kasim. Click here to view it but, as it will disappear in time, it says:
What is goin on here? Because of a few posts earlier in this thread, I asked Meat and his accountants just how much the amount of the monthly check you were getting from them was.
I was informed it was in excess of $14,000.00. It seems that you were also charging them a legal fee, booking fee, management commission, accounting fee, local and state tax, FICA, workmans comp, bottle deposit and a shipping and handleing charge.
I'm not complaining mind you, we all have to eat, but Dug, according to my calculations, you owe me $0.43.
How am I supposed to get home from Germany NOW?

Thursday 30th January 2003
15.00 - According to a private e-mail received, as on Wetten Dass, apparently Kasim Sulton was again standing waaay at the back of the stage (beside John Miceli) during the VIVA Interaktiv performance yesterday!
14.15 - GlobalDust.com is a website where fans can post where they live - currently Kasim has as many fans in UK as he does in US! Click here for the direct link. (Sometimes the site runs out of bandwidth so just keep trying.) Many thanks to the kind person who sent me this link.
06.30 - Kasim has made a post on the messageboard attached to KasimSulton.com. Click here to view it but, as it will disappear in time, it says:
"Hey Guys,
Real quick.... We ARE playing at the SLAM DUNK GAME which airs on Saturday the 8th. It seems that this particular game is watched by MORE people worldwide than the actual All Star game, hence Meat Loafs desire to perform on it.
The following day we are performing at the PLAYERS PARTY for the Commissioner of Basketball and all the super-duper VIP's.
Just wanted to clarify all this.
I think I would have just gone and found a new line of work if I had canceled those shows only to find out that there was a way I could have done them.
I'm updating the scrapbook as soon as I get home with a bunch of new photos and text detailing what has gone on since we started January 7th.

Wednesday 29th January 2003
15.30 - The News section of the site has been updated.
11.45 - The good news is that TNT will be screening the game on the Saturday at 8.00pm - hopefully the half time set will be aired too. Click here for the International TV schedule.
11.00 - From the "to add salt to the wound category" it appears now that Meat Loaf (and therefore Kasim) will now NOT be playing a set during half time of the NBA All Star Game as Mariah Carey has now been booked for that slot. Instead they will be playing a set the previous evening at the "skills competition" (the evening that Kasim didn't have a gig booked!). The Gigs section of the site will be updated when more details are known.
10.45 - There's a couple of interesting Kasim-related posts on the messageboard attached to KasimSulton.com. Click here to read about some new converts to Quid Pro Quo and here for a discussion about Bat Out Of Hell III (with most people expressing a preference for Kasim to be working on his solo career).
08.30 - Click here for a photo of Kasim after the concert in Cologne on Monday from the Funkland.de website. Many thanks to Jennifer Salyer for sending this link.
06.15 - Meat Loaf's new single Did I Say That? was released in Germany on Monday. Kasim Sulton plays bass and sings background vocals on all 4 tracks. Kasim also produced Lawyers, Guns and Money:
Did I Say That? (album version) - 6:06
Did I Say That? (AC version) - 4:21
Decadent Wish - 4:20
Lawyers, Guns and Money - 5:20
Click here or here (the site can be viewed in English, search under "Pop") to purchase it online. Currently no plans have been announced to release the single anywhere else in the world.

Did I Say That? single
Kasim's mention on the liner notes of the Did A Say That? single

Tuesday 28th January 2003
19.15 - Click here for a review of Kasim's concert with Meat Loaf last night in Cologne.
12.45 - Click here for a post about the forthcoming Pushing Red Buttons album that will feature Kasim Sulton.
12.30 - The auction for 10 albums on E-Bay (including Kasim) came to a close yesterday with no bids being placed, despite the opening bid only being $3.99.
09.30 - Click here for the set list for Kasim's concert with Meat Loaf last night in Cologne.

Monday 27th January 2003
00.15 - KasimInfo.com has had a quarter of a million hits since the counter was set up on 01/25/01!

Sunday 26th January 2003
17.30 - The Kasim Sulton news section of the MLUKFC.com has been updated! Click here for the direct link.
09.30 - Click here for a video of Kasim Sulton's performance of Did I Say That on Wetten Dass last night with Meat Loaf. Many thanks to the people involved in getting the video online. A word of warning: there is not one single close-up shot of Kasim (as often happens!), in fact he appears to be standing further back than the rest of the band!

Saturday 25th January 2003
19.15 - Click here for a not very clear photo of Kasim Sulton at the rehearsal for Wetten Dass (he's visible to the right of Meat Loaf's head. Many thanks to Jennifer Salyer for going through all the website to find the photo.

Friday 24th January 2003
14.15 - Although it's an old topic and the gig has subsequently been cancelled, there is an interesting 34 post thread on the "audio pro live sound" Google newsgroup about a microphone for Kasim! Click here to read the whole thread (and it's worth reading) but the main parts that relate to Kasim are:
"I've got Kasim Sulton coming to my theatre in February in a solo acoustic setting, and I'd like to try something better than my 58's. If you're not familiar with Kasim's voice, it's a very clean tenor, no rough stuff that I can hear. His solo music is very smooth."
"Kasim Sulton has been around approximately forever, and he probably knows what works with his voice. I'm sure he carries his own mic, if he's touring the clubs. "
"You have a seasoned performer. Get the levels right during soundcheck, leave some headroom. You don't really need a limiter on a live vocal channel. "
"Maybe this performer has good mic technique. Some do, but I've found that years on the circuit don't always mean good technique. I've worked with several performers who are moderately well known and seasoned yet had large variation and no correlation between singing volume, mic distance, and any need I could discern for emphasis in the song. Like turning the head side to side so that the mic distance varies from 1/2 inch to 5 inches and back in the middle of a phrase, and other seemingly random movement. Then there is the between-song chat which is at a lower level and 18 inches away from the mic while they look down at the guitar and tune. That, if they are consistent, you can deal with on the fader but slow compression can relieve you of some work."
"Just heard from Kasim's agent.... he's happy with an SM-57. I'm not sure if he just uses that as a default because dang near everyone has them, or if he truly likes the sound of a 57. We will have enough time at soundcheck that I can let him try the 57, the OM5 and the Sennheiser I should have by that point and let him make the call."
">>> I'm wondering what you guys, the ones who have been doing this forever, would recommend for a clear tenor voice?
>> >> Room temperature water.
>>>>>Warm tea and honey coats the throat. No *vocalist* will do this. *Singers* do it all the time, though. There is a difference.
10.30 - Some more photos of Kasim's gig at The Bitter End in September 2002 have been added to the Photos section of the site or click here for the direct link. Many thanks to Gina Martin for providing the photos.
06.15 - The Chicago Street Theatre page about Kasim Sulton has been updated about the gig being cancelled. Click here to view it but, as it will disappear in time, it says:
"He's played on more albums than he can count, toured the world, and now he's coming here!
We regret to announce that Kasim has been forced to cancel the Chicago Street Theatre show. Kasim is currently on tour as Meat Loaf's bandleader and bassist, and Meat's management signed Meat to play the halftime show at the NBA All-star game in Atlanta on February 9th, and there was no way for Kasim to get out of it.
We will be working with Kasim to reschedule for next season.

Kasim Sulton blurb
A mini blurb from the Eight Days section of the Cleveland Free Times newspaper about Kasim's gig in the city on 10/04/02

Thursday 23rd January 2003
20.00 - Some good news! After a week of pestering the host company, they have FINALLY sent the new log-on details for KasimInfo.co.uk so all the new photos of Kasim that I've been sent can finally be uploaded to the site!
13.00 - 4 new photos have been added to Kasim's CD promotion journal (called "Making the CD - Rehearsal-Wrap up") on the front page of his official website KasimSulton.com or click here for the direct link.
12.00 - Click here to read more about Steve Herrig (who Kasim mentions singing vocals for on the front page of KasimSulton.com). Steve is the main songwriter as well as the keyboardist of the group Pushing Red Buttons. The site states "The new upcoming Pushing Red Buttons CD will feature the new New York City version of the band (plus some special guests)." Click here for their official website.
09.30 - The Contact page has been added back to the site.
08.15 - It used to be one of the boasts of this site that it contained over 2,000 pages about Kasim Sulton. Unfortunately it's probably less than that now as some pages were lost during the various revamps. Subsequently over the next couple of weeks, most of them will be re-introduced, starting with the Legal page.
07.15 - John Taglieri, who opened for Kasim a few times, has sent out some messages to his mailing list with some very complimentary comments about Kasim in them over the past few months. Click here, here and here to view them (you do not have to be a member to read the messages). Although not all the facts are correct, the best Kasim mentions are:
"Kasim Sulton Gigs!!
I am also opening several shows for Kasim Sulton!!! I'm sure many of you know who Kasim is, but for those who don't, let me enlighten you….Kasim was the bass player for Todd Rundgren's Utopia for many years, touring the world repeatedly. After that, he went on to record the "Bat Out Of Hell" album with Meatloaf and toured with the band for many years. He performed on every Meatloaf album ever recorded and still tours with the band today! He then went on to play with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Hall and Oates, and many more. There are many other artists and albums that he has performed on…too many to list, but you've probably heard his playing at some point in your life! He has just finished a solo tour and is getting ready to go out on tour again with Meatloaf. After that, he'll be touring again on his own to support his soon to be released CD. I will be opening several shows for Kasim through the late summer and early fall. These are shows not to miss, not only for me, of course, but also because seeing Kasim live is something that you won't want to miss! He has great songs and a great voice. So check the schedule page and plan on being at a gig or two!
"This is my first time opening for Kasim and this will be great show. For those who have never seen Kasim perform, you're missing out! He's an amazing singer and songwriter. Tickets have been selling fast, so email me soon!"
06.15 - The Germany trip page has been updated with new info received about Wetten Dass and the promotional concert.

Wednesday 22nd January 2003
18.45 - There's a new message From Kasim on the front page of KasimSulton.com.
18.30 - There are currently three Kasim Sulton albums available on E-Bay:
Kasim in a 10 LP lot - $3.99 - no bids - ends 01/27
Kasim - $7 - ends 01/30
Lights On - $2 (criminal!) - ends 01/30
Interestingly it's rare to find either The Bassment Tapes or The Basement Tapes available on E-Bay.
11.45 - The earlier Blog items have been moved to a new page. The link is at the bottom of this page.
06.30 - The News section of the site has been updated.
06.15 - Sorry about the Diary section of the site not being updated lately but that is on the server for which I do not have the new upload details so I am currently unable to update it.
03.45 - Kasim Sulton sent a message (dated today) to his mailing list saying that he leaves for Germany tomorrow.

Tuesday 21st January 2003
06.30 - The Gigs section of the site has been updated. Unfortunately it is very difficult at the moment getting info about the appearances that Meat Loaf will be making in Germany. Some appearances have been announced by his record company but nothing by his management company. This makes it even harder to ascertain whether or not Kasim will be at some events. A page has been set up about the Germany trip and it will be updated when and if more info is received.

Monday 20th January 2003
12.00 - Click here for a nice post about Kasim's singing on Deface The Music on The Beatles Newsgroup.
08.15 - The Press section of the site has been updated with the latest interviews.
07.15 - For anyone wanting to hear Kasim's great vocals and bass on the new Meat Loaf single Did I Say That which is released next Monday, there are two places online where it can be purchased. Click here for the direct link to Amazon.de and here for JPC.de (the site can be viewed in English, search under "Pop").
02.30 - Also on E-Bay there's an auction for a 1979 Veillette-Citron Electric Guitar which says in its spiel that Kasim Sulton used to use an eight string Veillette-Citron bass.
02.15 - The E-Bay auction for a signed copy of Quid Pro Quo came to a close last night with just one bid of $16.
02.00 - It's interesting looking at the countries that people come from that look at KasimInfo.com. Obviously most hits are from US. Next (in order) are Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Japan and Canada. Saudia Arabia has hit it a lot (presumably because of Kasim's name) but surprising hits have come from Cocos Islands (where?!), Russian Federation, Chile, Romania, Iran, India and Korea! What does worry me is that the US Government has hit the site 288 times and the US Department of Defense over 4,000 times!

Kasim Sulton
Photo of Kasim Sulton at Westbury Music Fair by Gary "Goat" Goveia
(More photos from this set will be added as soon as the new server details are known!)

02.30 - A few days ago someone posted about trying to get Todd Rundgren asked to play at BB Kings in New York by voting on the site. He won't be as a gig has been booked instead at The Town Hall but I did notice that Kasim Sulton is listed on the site as people that have been voted to appear there! If you would like to vote for Kasim to appear at BB Kings click here.
02.15 - There's a new review of Quid Pro Quo on the Barnes and Noble website. Click here to read it but, in case it disappears at some point, it says:
"Shane Field,
Kasim proves he's multi-talented and can make good music
Ever since I bought this CD, it has hardly left my CD player! Kasim wrote (and co- wrote) nearly all the songs, and played nearly all the instruments. After years of recording with a "who's who" of artists (the names/groups Celine Dion, Utopia, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Hall and Oates, and Todd Rundgren barely scratch the surface) and touring with Meat Loaf and being his musical director, Kasim devoted some of his time to his own work, and this is the result! I found it to be a VERY worthwhile purchase and have played it over and over. Listening to this CD has increased my thirst for more Kasim material and so I have recently purchased more. This is an album of finely-written and arranged songs, and will be one of those albums that continuously sits in your CD player. If you are one of those that thinks there hasn't been much good music in the last 10 or 20 years, then this has to be on your shopping list!

Kasim Sulton
An extract from the MLUKFC newsletter about the Meat Loaf concert in Leeds, England in July 2002

17.45 - The front page and the press section of KasimSulton.com has been updated to include the recent review and interview.
15.00 - Sorry for an even later start than normal to the updates today but I seem to have spent most of the day e-mailing about KasimInfo.co.uk (which has been down most of the day since it was moved to the new server) and about Kasim's possible appearances in Germany which will be added later.

16.45 - Another section has been added to Kasim's CD promotion journal (called "Making the CD - The Rehearsal Phase from 13th January") on the front page of his official website KasimSulton.com or click here for the direct link.
12.15 - Amazon.com / CDNow.com are now listing Quid Pro Quo at a cost of $20.99 plus postage (previously it was $18.98). Barnes and Noble appear to have sold out of their stock of the album. Amazon.com / CDNow.com now have soundclips of five of the tracks. Click here to see the link.
11.30 - The Biography section of the site has been updated.
09.15 - There's another new interview with Kasim Sulton online! Click here for the direct link. It's by Billy Donald and Kasim says that he's hoping to play some solo gigs this year too!

18.00 - There's a new article / mini review about Kasim Sulton in the January edition of the NJCoast.com newsletter. Click here for the direct link.
13.30 - Click here and read the eleventh post for a different view of Kasim!
11.15 - Unfortunately it's likely that some photos on this site may not be visible at the moment. The KasimInfo.co.uk section of the site has been moved by the host company to a new server (with no prior warning) so I need to check all the links. Ironically a database of about 40 videos of Kasim had been uploaded so I just hope that they do not all need to be moved manually too!
11.00 - Janet Spahr ( has added 3 new photos of Kasim to the photo album at the Yahoo KasimSulton2 messageboard. Click here for the direct link but you need to be a member to access them. These photos were originally taken by Jana Zetterman.
07.30 - There's a photo of Kasim on the Faith and Fire website. Faith and Fire are a band that John Micelli (the drummer for Meat Loaf) plays in. That photo looks very familiar.....!

18.00 - Many thanks to the kind person who e-mailed me about the photo below of Kasim with Roger Manning and Andy Sturmer (which is also on KasimSulton.com). Apparently it was taken at a party for Jellyfish but how it came to be in a Jellyfish press kit remains a mystery.
17.45 - The the rtf versions of the posters for both Fort Atkinson and Valparaiso have been removed. The links to the Word versions are still valid.
11.30 - There's a nice mention of Kasim on the Messages to Meat Loaf board (a messageboard that Meat Loaf is supposed to read). It was posted by Sarah. Click here to read it but, as negative messages about Meat Loaf are removed, it says:
"Meat Loaf is due to play at half time at the NBA All Star Game in February. What wonderful news this is for Meat fans, although not for Kasim Sulton fans. Yet again Kasim's solo gig are cancelled due to Left Bank Management scheduleing gigs while Kasim is on his solo tour. I can't see why Meat can't get another Bass Player in for that one gig so Kasim can finish his solo tour. I know Kasim is Meat's Musical Director and practically runs the show but Kasim is too talented to be still in Meat's shadow. "
To date there have been no follow-up posts.
07.45 - More pages (including the photos of Paul Reed Smith) have been added to Kasim's CD promotion journal (called "Making the CD - The Rehearsal Phase") on the front page of his official website KasimSulton.com or click here for the direct link. As this Flash object gets bigger and bigger, those on dial-up may need to load it a few times until its in your cache to run fully. The Tour Dates has also been changed as Kasim's 4 cancelled gigs have been removed. The last two dates are still the wrong way round however!

14.45 - A page has been set up about the 27th January promotional concert. Tickets are now available online for this event. The Gigs section of the site has been updated with the link.
10.00 - The book A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story of Todd Rundgren volume 1 by Billy James has been printed. This volume covers Todd's life from childhood until John Siegler quit Utopia in 1976. Although it is the period before Kasim joined the band, he was interviewed quite intensely for both this volume and the subsequent ones. Click here for more details and to puchase the book (it's the second item down) or telephone 479-795-4209.
02.30 - The E-Bay auction for a copy of here Lights On came to a close yesterday with no bids being placed - I remember when people would pay $51 for a copy of that album!

Kasim Sulton
Kasim Sulton with Roger Manning and Andy Sturmer
(circa 1993)

Blog41 (01/01/03 - 01/12/03)

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