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Blog32 (08/03/02 - 08/21/02)

Please note that, as time goes by, some of these links may no longer work - sorry!

08/21/02 - 14 days until the release of Quid Pro Quo
01.00 - A new section of the site has been added - it's all about Quid Pro Quo! (Please note that other than in one instance, everything in that section of the site is info that has been announced publicly - anything that I have been told in private is staying that way, even though it means that in some instances, some info is incorrect or will change.)

Hamilton Street Cafe
Kasim Sulton's gig this Thursday

08/20/02 - 15 days until the release of Quid Pro Quo
16.30 - The News section of the Sphere Sound Records website has changed slightly so that it now reads:
"Kasim Sulton's Quid Pro Quo, CD 109 on Sphere Sound® Records is due out soon. This limited edition CD will be available exclusively through our secure website. Anticipated release date is scheduled for Wednesday, September 4, 2002."
14.00 - As several fans have been asking about pre-ordering a copy of Quid Pro Quo, Sphere Sound Records have stated that their policy is not to take orders until they have a "physical inventory on hand". All good things come to those who wait....!

08/19/02 - 16 days until the release of Quid Pro Quo
14.30 - Marc Israel posted a hilarious message to a Kasim Sulton mailing list which is well worth repeating here (even though there are no expectations of the release to be delayed!):
The Top Ten Events that could delay the release of Quid Pro Quo
10) Kasim decides on a "month of silence" in honor of Laura's mother's foot
9) Kasim becomes too busy re-financing his mortgage as the Feds drop the interest rates
8) Sphere Sound Records delays the release as the Finn Brothers secretly pulled a "Folgers' Experiment" and switched Kasim's cover of one of their tunes with I Got You and everyone noticed
7) MTV's "TRL" called and wanted to debut it with guest hosts and long time fans Eminen and Marilyn Mansonn
6) Todd Rundgren has scheduled yet another "Best Of" compiliation on that same day, this one in the Big Band genre and sung in German
5) Inexplicably the CDs that came out of the delivery box were Spinal Tap's black cover of Smell The Glove and Passport Records immediately sued due to the likeness of Utopia's Oblivion cover.
4) In a startling display of defiance, Staten Island secedes from New York starting a war, and Kasim is called into active duty
3) Sometimes Love Is A Dangerous Thing and Sphere Sound Records believe so are summer releases
2) Jana was responsible for the liner notes so nobody could understand them so they are sent back for editing and reprinting
1) Kasim was last heard saying "Just one more thing....."!

14.00 - There were some comments on various mailing lists about Kasim's chat last night and the release date of Quid Pro Quo. On the Meat Loaf Bat Caves mailing list this comment was made: "Kasim Sulton made the announcement that his album Quid Pro Quo will be released on September 4, 2002 during his Internet chat last night on his official site. Chat was fun, as usual, my only complaint was as soon as Kasim left the webmaster bumped everyone out of the chat room. I really enjoy the after Kasim leaves chit-chat. It kind of left me feeling "blah." If anyone is listening, you might wanna consider keeping it open awhile after the chat for a bit." (the next chat is due to be on the Yahoo board so this won't be a problem) and on the Meat Loaf Live mailing list someone posted this: "Anyone notice that Kas rarely answered any questions?". On one of the Todd Rundgren mailing lists the main topic soon became whether to call him Kas or Kaz!
13.00 - Apart from the news that Quid Pro Quo will be released on 4th September, as somebody described the chat last night as "everything else was chatter-but great fun chatter", I've decided not to take the time to add the transcript of the chat to this site (as there will be some new sections opening soon that I'm busy working on!). I do have the transcript so if anyone wishes to clarify anything that was said during it, please e-mail

23.00 - There is a new article about Kasim Sulton online. Click here to read it. Unfortunately, despite several e-mails from myself yesterday and earlier today, it still has a number of factual errors in it and still no photo of Kasim.
22.00 - The News section of the site has been updated.
21.15 - Kasim Sulton has just announced during his online chat that QUID PRO QUO WILL BE RELEASED ON 4TH SEPTEMBER!!!!!
08.30 - Tickets are now on sale online for Kasim Sulton's gig at The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL on Sunday 20th October. Click here for the direct link. Although Quid Pro Quo is expected to be released earlier, this show is being advertised as his "CD RELEASE" show!!!
07.15 - The opening page of the site has been changed to include a fading box of the major items of importance (rather like the scrolling box that used to be on the Kasim Sulton - A Fan's View website). As this is the first time that code that has been imported from an external website has been used on this website, please note that it may not work on all browsers.

18.00 - The second item on the Blog page of the Mirror Of The Soul website today is about Kasim Sulton!
10.30 - Kasim Sulton's appearance at The House Of Guitars in Rochester, NY on Wednesday 4th September is confirmed (apparently the "schedule permitting" query only related to the time that Kasim will arrive - it will be between 5.30 and 5.45 pm). Many thanks to Scott Van Dusen for this info which has been added to the Gigs section of the site.
07.15 - Mentioned on is a possible appearance by Kasim Sulton at The House Of Guitars in Rochester, NY on Wednesday 4th September (the same day as the Meat Loaf concert in the city). This appearance is not yet confirmed (the site actually says "schedule permitting") and no time is yet given. Kasim previously made a promotional appearance at The House Of Guitars in August 2001 which was well attended. Click here for the limited details so far (visible to browsers that don't accept pop-up boxes).
06.45 - The News section of the site has been updated.

18.45 - The transcript of most of Kasim Sulton's online chat on Sunday 14th July has been added to both the Gigs and the Contact / Interactive sections of the site.
15.00 - The News section of the site has been updated.
14.45 - The Kasim Sulton, '1 of 52' Artist Hunger Network, and Bloomfield Avenue Cafe and Stage Press Release has been added to the Press section of the site.
01.00 - There is an MP3 available online of the song Tear Me Down from the Meat Loaf concert in Leeds, England on 25th July. Although the sound quality isn't great, Kasim can be heard singing throughout most of the song. Click here for the link.

18.30 - The opening page of the site has been updated with a link to the online chat with Kasim Sulton on Sunday. (The word "official" has been dropped because, as someone pointed out, if Kasim is at the chat, then it IS official regardless of where the chat is held.) The online chats have also been added to the Gigs section of the site, along with links to the transcripts where available.
13.00 - Tickets for Kasim Sulton's gig at The Abbey Pub, Chicago on Sunday 20th October go on sale this Saturday (17th) at noon. Tickets will cost $15 (both for advance sales and on the door). The page on this website has been updated and the link to purchase online will be added when it is available.
02.15 - After the week trial, the site counter is now invisible on the site (as I type this the counter is at 166,358) - please note that IPs are not noted but purely which sections of the site are the most popular.

13.45 - The German Meat Loaf Fan Club has some reviews of the recent concerts on its website that mention Kasim Sulton. Click here to read them in German but the translations are:
"Kasim was introduced and came alone to the front on the stage. He started to sing and accompanied himself on the guitar. He sang "Don't Hold Me Back", "Before She Was Gone" and "Sacrifice". The songs were good and he too, was good. But the people were restless and permanently talked among themselves. That would have bothered me if I were him. I think his part was wasted.
The next day John Golden sat for breakfast at a table beside us. Having gone through the buffet he finally sat down. After a few minutes Kasim appeared and sat beside him. Lisa and myself, we were thinking whether we should talk to them and tell them that we had enjoyed the concert very much. I didn't want to be obtrusive. But Lisa wanted at least to talk to them. Kasim got up to get his plate filled. We wanted to wait till he returned. But he was going on and on, filling his plate and we had to check out at 11.00 am. Therefore, we at last spoke with John and requested him to pass on to Kasim that we had very much enjoyed the concert and especially his song "Sacrifice".
Kasim who was also there, and telephoning with his mobile, waived at us. After a while Pearl also came out, but she didn't came up to us. Meat came over to us.
Kasim began the concert with three solo songs. After leaving the stage he returned once again with Patti who also sang three songs.
The stage was reset very quickly, and at about 7.45 pm Kasim Sulton, dressed in black, came up on to the stage. He introduced himself as "Meat Loaf's Bass Boy" and sang three lovely songs, all alone on the stage.
Many thanks to Eva Siebert for the translations.
05.00 - As previously mentioned on, a few months ago Kasim Sulton joined the '1 of 52' Artist Hunger Network. Originally Kasim's gig in Westerly, RI was to be in support of this great cause but, as the club closed, Kasim's gig at The Bloomfield Cafe and Stage on Wednesday 9th October will be instead. Yesterday a press release was issued regarding this and it can be viewed on The Bloomfield Cafe and Stage website by clicking here. As it will probably disappear after the gig, it says:
MONTCLAIR, NJ (August 12, 2002) - Internationally renowned singer-songwriter Kasim Sulton, best known for his work with Todd Rundgren/Utopia, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, and Hall & Oates has joined forces with the '1 of 52' Artist Hunger Network and Bloomfield Avenue Cafe & Stage to support local hunger agencies.
On Wednesday, October 9th at Bloomfield Avenue Cafe & Stage, 347 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ, Sulton will be performing along with 3 other bands, including fellow '1 of 52' Artist Hunger Network member John Taglieri, a New Jersey-based pop/rock artist. A food drive will be held to benefit The Community Food Bank of New Jersey, Project Hospitality of Staten Island, and the New York City Food Bank. These agencies help feed and clothe the area's neediest. Admission is $10, plus non-perishable food items and/or clothing. The concert starts at 7 p.m.
The '1 of 52' Artist Hunger Network is a grassroots organization of local and national artists whose goal is to help end hunger in America. The artists are organized in a simple and unique program that unites 52 artists in each state, each artist representing one week of the year, who agree to take action annually. By this method, the artists are utilizing their talent to create ongoing, cumu lative actions - in a 'Musical Movement' - to help end hunger.
Spokesperson Steve Maciel states, "They hope to accomplish their goal by continually focusing the influence and resources of America’s arts and entertainment community toward capitalizing existing hunger agencies. These agencies, such as America’s Second Harvest and their national network of food banks, have the capability of ending hunger daily and long term – if fully capitalized. We also hope to inspire greater public involvement from the example these artists set."
"Most people only remember charities during the holidays," says Sulton, "but people are in need all year round, which is why we're holding this benefit in October. I want to give back to the community where I grew up (Staten Island), so a portion of the food and clothing donations collected will go directly to Project Hospitality. They opened the first soup kitchen and overnight emergency shelter on Staten Island, and serve more than 5,000 people of our community annually who are low-income, homeless, or infected with HIV."
Bloomfield Avenue Cafe & Stage manager Marc Calamaras says, "I think this is a great effort. With all the focus on international affairs in the mid east, we sometimes forget about the basic needs of our own people in our local communities. It's great to have an artist like Kasim working with the Hunger Network at our venue to focus on this most important issue."
Anyone wishing to learn more about becoming involved with the '1 of 52' Artist Hunger Network can call 401-397-2888, email or visit
If you are unable to attend the show, you can help support these organizations through direct donation:
Community Food Bank of New Jersey:
Project Hospitality:
New York City Food Bank:
SHOW INFO: Wednesday, October 9th, Bloomfield Avenue Cafe & Stage, 347 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ. Phone: 973-783-2100. Music starts at 7:00 p.m., Kasim Sulton performs at 9:00 p.m., John Taglieri Band at 10:30 p.m. Admission is $10 plus non-perishable food items and/or clothing. "

02.00 - There is now a photo of Kasim Sulton (in the background) on the front page of the German Meat Loaf Fan Club.

16.00 - Jennifer Salyer has updated her Meat Loaf website with some photos from the Summer Tour. Click here, here and here for the photos of Kasim Sulton.
02.15 - David M. Driskell sent me this link. Although part of it is Japanese, I assume that it is a recording from when Kasim Sulton played in The Hammonds.

Kasim Sulton - a write-up from a year ago today (and you thought this site was just thrown together!)
Click on the photo to read the Isthmus write-up

18.45 - The Kasim Sulton Featured Video Of The Week section of the site has been updated.
18.00 - The Kasim Sulton's gig at Zigs on 20th September page has been updated as apparently there is another opening act there because Damion Wolfe will be playing the first set at 7.00pm.
09.00 - Another article about Kasim Sulton has been added to the Press section of the site. It's from the MLUKFC Newsletter and is about Kasim's Have Guitar, Will Travel Tour.
08.15 - Kasim Sulton receives two mentions on the John Charney homepage. The first listing is in the diary part where he says that he is "*Opening for Kasim Sulton" and the second is at the bottom of the page which says "Kasim Sulton is the bassist for Meat Loaf".
08.00 - As it is now 8.00am on 11th August, we are officially one third of the way through even closer to "late August" and the release of Quid Pro Quo!!
07.45 - The page for Kasim Sulton's gig at Hamilton Street Cafe and Stage on 22nd August has been updated as there are now three opening acts for Kasim! There appears to be confusion as to the times of the acts (e.g. John Taglieri's website lists him on as 8.55pm and Chris Moore's website as him on at 9.00pm) but it's safe to say that as Kasim Sulton is (quite rightly) the headliner, Kasim will be on last.
07.00 - The earlier items of this Blog page have been moved to a new page - the link is at the bottom of this page.
06.30 - The News section of the site has been updated.
05.00 - The This Day section of the site has a new photo.

19.45 - Due to a photo of Kasim Sulton by Ann Plaetinck , as of today I have now been asked this question six times! "How many toes does Kasim have on his left foot?"!!
08.15 - Kasim Sulton is now listed on the website for the Hamilton Street Cafe and Stage. As this will disappear after his performance there on 22nd August, the description is:
"Utopia's Kasim Sulton
THURSDAY AUGUST 22nd | 8:00 PM | $10
Kasim Sulton as heard on albums with Meat Loaf, Patti Smith, Todd Rundgren and Utopia, Joan Jett, and Hall & Oates"

07.00 - Just a bit of forewarning that this site may be down at various points over this weekend as the hosting company are switching servers.
06.00 - There was a new search engine that was mentioned on a Todd Rundgren mailing list yesterday. It's called and putting in either Kasim Sulton or Kasim Sultan brings up about loads of pages of sites in a graphic formation.

02.30 - The Real People who opened at most of Meat Loaf's concerts in Europe this Summer have some good backstage photos on their website, including one of Kasim Sulton - click here for the direct link). They also have a photo of a Kasim Sulton guitar pic.

18.30 - The News section of the site has been updated.
18.15 - Kasim Sulton now has his on page on the website for The Chicago Street Theatre. The description is "Legendary sideman Kasim Sulton, on his own, singin' songs and tellin' stories! ........Sunday, February 9th, 2003" and most of the page is basically the press release but click here to read it.
14.15 - Kasim Sulton will be playing some more gigs with Tommy James over the coming months in Wisconsin, California and New York! There are three new gigs - details are in the Gigs section of the site.
01.30 - On Sandi Daae's
there is a new Song Of The Month Poll. The choices for August are Before She Was Gone, Back On The Street and I Will Wait. Unfortunately not many votes have been cast so far - Before She Was Gone has them all. The choices for July were The One Sure Thing, Libertine and Monument with The One Sure Thing receiving 80% of the 5 votes cast.

16.00 - The ticketing details of Kasim Sulton's gig with Meat Loaf in Rochester, NY on 4th September has been added to the Meat Loaf Summer Tour section of the site.
13.30 - There have been a couple of interesting posts (with several Kasim mentions) on a Todd Rundgren message board about fans' favorite Utopia tours.
09.00 - is open again now!
02.30 - The website lists Kasim Sulton on its links page - it must be one of the rare times where Kasim is in a list with Frank Zappa and Grand Funk Railroad!
02.15 - For the next week or so, the site counter will be visible. Please note that these are PAGE hits (not site hits) as some people have bookmarked certain pages and do not enter the site via the front page. Also it helps for me to know which sections of the site people are most interested in. Nowadays, the site usually receives about 400 hits a day on average but about 700-800 when Kasim is on tour. (As I type this the counter is at 162,549.)
02.00 - It appears that is down this morning (at least as I type this).

Kasim Sulton - what a look on his face!
The vicious pic flicker!

19.45 - It's a quiet day in KasimWorld so click here for another Kasim Sulton cartoon!
18.30 - The Kasim Sulton Featured Video Of The Week section of the site has been updated.
18.00 - Another radio interview has been arranged for Kasim Sulton. It's at WMGK in Philadelphia on 15th September. Details are in the Gigs section of the site.

19.30 - There seems to be some confusion about Kasim Sulton's gig at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA. The website of the venue looks as though Kasim is opening for Patty Blee but TicketWeb just lists Kasim as the headliner (at least for the early show). Many thanks to Laura England for this info.
11.00 - The News page of the EPK section of the site has been updated.
08.30 - The News section of the site has been updated about Kasim Sulton's gig last night.
07.00 - There are a load of concert reviews on the website of the International Meat Loaf Fan Club and several mention Kasim Sulton! Only one is even slightly negative, the others say things like "Kasim was great - we loved Kasim's purple trousers!", "KASIM WAS BRILLIANT AS ALWAYS, HE SHOULD HAVE PLAYED FOR LONGER" and "Kasim doing his solo stuff was just brilliant"!

Kasim Cassette Cover
The cover of the Kasim cassette
(Many thanks to Stephanie Regan for providing this)

18.00 - As the Sphere Sound Records website is open again, the pop-up box advertising Quid Pro Quo has been reinstalled onto the front page of
10.45 - Another reviews, more photos and loads of video clips of Kasim Sulton's concert with Meat Loaf in Liverpool, England has been added to the Meat Loaf Summer Tour section of the site. More photos of this tour will be added to the Photos sction of the site soon.
06.15 - The Cleveland, Montclair and Fort Atkinson pages of the site have been updated with show times, support acts and ticketing details.
05.45 - Kasim Sulton is now listed on the Bloomfield Ave Cafe and Stage website (right at the bottom of the page). As the website lists Kasim as appearing at 7.00pm whereas I was originally told that it would be 9.00pm, the listing on has been changed to "TBA". As the description will disappear after the gig, it has been reproduced below (however, please note, that both Doug Kennedy and Mark Alexander are expected to be joining Kasim on stage at this gig too):
"A highly coveted sideman, Sulton is recognized and respected the world over for his work with other artists, including Todd Rundgren and Utopia, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Hall & Oates, Patti Smith, Patty Smyth, Mick Jagger, and Celine Dion to name just a few. His level of involvement has ranged from playing bass, keyboards, and/or guitar, to adding vocal harmonies, singing lead, and contributing as a songwriter, to producing entire albums, as he did with the Meat Loaf VH-1 StoryTellers CD, released in 1999. There isn't much he hasn't done in his 25 years in the music industry. "
05.30 - Kasim Sulton's listing on has been updated to include his gig in Montclair, NJ.
05.15 - As it was getting large again, all the items from prior to 19th July have been moved to a new page - the link is at the bottom of this page.
05.00 - It was This Day twenty three years ago that Kasim Sulton plyed in front of probably his largest live audience of his career (so far) - 150,000 people!

Kasim Sulton in Liverpool - 07/29/02!

Blog31 (07/19/02 - 08/02/02)

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